Inquiry and Observation

October 21, 2016


Greetings from Room 116!

Here are some highlights from this past week!

ELA: We finished our first set of mystery books, practicing a variety of comprehension strategies, and started new books. We reviewed Spelling patterns, while focusing on plural nouns in Grammar.

Math: We worked on multiplication and division problems involving x6 facts.

Science/SS: We learned about the life cycle of the cranberry plant and conducted hands-on explorations of forest life. We also published our Wampanoag stories and started construction of our replica Wampanoag village.

Other: During Technology, we watched an online video about cranberries and submitted posts and comments in response. Calmer Choice lessons targeted mindful listening and eating.

This week focused on our powers of observation. Please enjoy a sensory stroll with your student this weekend if possible, focusing on one sense at a time to experience our beautiful Cape Cod environment in a whole new way!

Best wishes to all. I can’t wait to see you next week!


Ms. Feeney

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