More Like A Lion!

March 31, 2017

Greetings from Room 116!

Well, March is certainly not going out like a lamb! Apparently, we will have to wait a little while longer for spring-like weather to appear. (Evidently the groundhog was right after all.)

Below is a quick recap of our busy week:

ELA:  We continued to read  historical fiction novels in our book groups, examining how characters persevere through difficult times. We studied more r-controlled vowels in Spelling and additional comma usages in Grammar. We also compiled lists of personal experiences for our own memoir writing.

Math:  We began our investigation of data and graphing with a look at tally charts, pictographs, and bar graphs.

Science/SS: We learned about heredity and evolution and finished our informational writing about the Pilgrims.

Other:  We enjoyed a read aloud by Sherry Santini, the DY Director of Humanities, who paid a special visit to our classroom. We also added to our biography newspaper project in Library and Computers.

Best wishes to all for a relaxing weekend!

Ms. Feeney

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