Cinema Corner

Welcome to Room  116’s Cinema Corner. This is where you will find images, videos, and power points of our great work!


Science labs ❤️

Wind vanes



More wind vanes


Air pressure




Hope you enjoy our Flip Grid Book Talks:



Wally was here!!



On 11/16/17 WNBC’s Weather Warrior Team paid a visit to our school. View the segment at:

NBC Weather Warrior



Making the most of indoor recess!



We learned a lot about food chains by examining the contents of our owl pellets. (Don’t worry – they were sterilized!!)


A happy crew showing off their STEM Christmas trees!!

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MA class powerpoint 2009 – blog version

Jeopardy_Template – Space

MCAS jeopardy

Photos from Our Field Trip to Plimoth Plantation

A Pilgrim Bed

The Pilgrim Village

Inside the Pilgrim Home

Outside the Pilgrim Home


Inside the Pilgrim Meeting House

Inside the Wetu

Inside the Long Wetu

A Wampanoag Woman Making Stew

A Wampanoag Woman Making Stew

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