Routines & Responsibiities

Classroom Expectations

At the beginning of the year, we will develop clear classroom rules and establish regular routines for third grade. The best effort of everyone in our learning community is expected. Following the Responsive Classroom and Second Step social behavior curriculum, we will create a safe and respectful learning environment for all. Logical consequences will be enforced for any disrespectful behavior.

Homework Expectations

Students are expected to complete nightly homework assignments Monday through Thursday. These typically include a math paper and 30 minutes of reading. In addition to these nightly assignments, children will also be working on long-term projects throughout the year which may include an at-home component.


Please remember to send in a written note explaining any changes regarding your child (i.e. bus, pick-up, absence, tardiness).


Please send in nutritious, healthy snacks with your child as we do have a daily morning snack.

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