March – In Like a Lion!

March 6, 2020

Greetings from Room 116!

Thank you to all of our fabulous families for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend conferences. It was wonderful to meet with everyone to share successes.

Back in the classroom, we made the most of our short but sweet week:

ELA: We reviewed the past 5 weeks of spelling patterns and took a quick assessment to see what we have learned. In addition, we published our biography pieces, designing personal portraits to match. During Reader’s Workshop, we continued to examine how characters deal with challenges.

Math: We explored equivalent fractions with shapes, sets, and number lines.

Science/SS: We conducted a hands-on activity to better understand how natural selection occurs in Science. In Social Studies, we took 2-column notes about the home/work life of the colonists.

Other: We were entertained by a fantastic Dr. Seuss Reader’s Theater presentation on Monday. Then on Wednesday, we were blessed to have a visit from several members of the Dennis Fire Department. We also continued to use Study Island to practice for our upcoming MCAS tests. Please note that the ELA assessment will be administered on 4/14 and 4/15, while the Math assessment will take place on 512 and 5/13.

Remember to spring forward this weekend!

Most Sincerely,

Ms. Feeney

P.S. Please make sure that students are reading nightly and practicing their math facts. Check out my blog for some helpful resources at

February – That’s a Wrap!

February 28, 2020


Greetings from Room 116!

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed a fabulous February break. Thank you for helping us to return ready for learning. We were certainly very busy this past week:

ELA: We worked on the “aw/o” spelling pattern, along with “pronouns.” In addition, we published personal book recommendations during Writer’s Workshop. During Reader’s Workshop, we continued to examine how characters change over time and how setting impacts character development within our historical fiction book groups.

Math: We learned about fractions on the number line both within and beyond a whole.

Science/SS: We extended our understanding of biological evolution in Science. We also learned more about the colonial era in Social Studies.

Other: We practiced using some iPad tools for our upcoming MCAS tests. Please note that the ELA assessment will be administered on 4/14 and 4/15, while the Math assessment will take place on 5/12 and 5/13.

Best wishes to all for a restorative weekend! I look forward to seeing many of you next week!

Most Sincerely,

Ms. Feeney

‘Tis the Season!

December 13, 2019


Greetings from Room 116!

Can you believe it’s already mid-December! What a busy time of the year! Here is a quick recap of our past week:

ELA: We read nonfiction books connected to our science unit on life cycles and created posters featuring main idea, key details, and text features. We also added description and sensory details to our personal narrative writing (show don’t tell). In spelling, we studied the long o/oa,ow phonics principles.

Math: We worked on multi-step story problems, while using variables to represent the unknowns. We also practiced extending basic facts by multiples of 10.

Science/SS: We made observations about our bean plants as they entered their sprout phase of the life cycle. In addition, we published our Wampanoag biographies and worked on our replica Wampanoag village.

Other: In Library/Technology, we viewed our weather videos and expanded our coding expertise. During Calmer Choice, we discussed random acts of kindness. We also enjoyed several visits from Jezabel, who is the twin sister to our classroom elf Jingles.

Please remember that the EHBi Holiday Concert will begin at 10:00 am on Thursday, 12/19/19. Best wishes to all for a wonderful weekend!

Most Sincerely,

Ms. Feeney

Busy, Busy, Busy!

December 6, 2019


Greetings from Room 116!

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends!! We really do have so much to be grateful for.

Here are some happy highlights from our very busy week.:

ELA: We continued to focus on non-fiction informational texts, focusing on text features and text structures. We also studied the long i/igh spelling principle, along with grammar rules for irregular plural nouns.

Math: We took our Mid-Module 3 assessment online and continued to work on multiplication and division problems involving factors from 5-10.

Science/SS: We examined the life cycle of plants and animals and tested our hypotheses regarding bean plant growth in various environments. We also worked on our Wampanoag autobiographies and started construction of our Wampanoag village.

Other: In Technology, we filmed our Weather videos and worked on coding. We also participated in Calmer Choice lessons about gratitude. In addition, Jingles, our classroom elf, has been entertaining us with daily visits.

Best wishes to all for a positively peaceful weekend!

Most Sincerely,

Ms. Feeney

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2019

Greetings from Room 116!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Turkey Trot Fun Run fundraiser. As always, we are extremely grateful for your support!!

Below is a quick recap of the past week and a half:

ELA: We practiced and performed our Readers Theatre legends and started an informational text genre study. We also studied the ea and ee spelling principle, along with grammar rules for plural nouns.

Math: We solved multiplication and division problems with the factors 5-10.

Science/SS: We examined the life cycle of cranberries and made our own cranberry sauce. We also created our own Wampanoag personas and began writing hybrid fictional autobiographies about our Wampanoag lives.

Other: In Technology, we worked on our Weather videos. We also enjoyed several Calmer Choice lessons. We celebrated our hard work with a well-earned pajama party!

Please note that there is no school from Wednesday , November 27th, through Sunday, December 1st, in observance of the Thanksgiving break. Best wishes to all for blessed holiday!


Ms. Feeney

Thank you!

November 15, 2019


Greetings from Room 116!

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Monday for the EHBi Grandparent/VIP Breakfast. We are extremely grateful for all your support!!

Here are some other highlights from the past two weeks:

ELA: We practiced clarifying, summarizing, predicting, and questioning strategies with our realistic fiction books. Our comprehension focus was character traits. We are continuing this focus with our new unit which is legends.  During Writer’s Workshop, we published haikus and worked on personal narratives. We also studied the ai and ay spelling principle along with grammar rules for plural nouns.

Math: We practiced traditional algorithms for adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers and solved multi-step, multi-operational story problems. Then we took our End-of-Module 2 assessment.

Science/SS: We added to our understanding of Wampanoag/Pilgrim life during the early 1600’s by visiting Plimoth Plantation last Thursday, thanks to the generous support of our EHBi PTAC. Special shout-outs go to Mrs. Ormon, Mrs. Senatori, and Mr. Angiolillo for chaperoning this event and helping to make it so memorable.

Other: In Technology, we began research on extreme weather conditions. We also enjoyed two Calmer Choice lessons with Mrs. Roza.

Best wishes to all for a peaceful weekend!


Ms. Feeney


P.S. Be sure to catch the Room 116 newscasts on the Cinema Corner page of our class blog.

Happy November!!!

November 1, 2019


Greetings from Room 116!

What a wonderful week we had. Here are a few quick highlights:

ELA: We studied the vowel/consonant/silent e spelling principle and worked on grammar rules for common and proper nouns. During Reading Workshop, we examined character traits, while also enjoying different Halloween stories.

Math: We reviewed rounding to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100. We also practiced the traditional algorithms for addition and subtraction with two- and three-digit numbers.

Science/SS: We concluded our classroom work on weather/climate. We will extend this study through a longer term technology project.

Other: We published several holiday-themed stories and enjoyed an engaging online game of Escape Room to review elements of the mystery genre. We also had a frightfully fun-filled Halloween! 🎃

Please remember to set your clocks as we “fall back” this weekend. We are looking forward to our rescheduled field trip to the Plimoth Plantation next Thursday, November 7th. Thank you for your flexibility regarding this event!

Happy November, and best wishes to all for a sunnier weekend!


Ms. Feeney

Great to See Everyone!

October 25, 2019


Greetings from Room 116!

It was wonderful to meet with everyone this week. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our classroom endeavors. Thank you also for ensuring that students come to school each day ready to learn, with healthy snacks and reusable water bottles. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing group of families!

Despite our mixed-up conference schedule, we remained extremely efficient:

ELA: We worked on comprehension strategies while reading our realistic fiction books during Guided Reading. We also reviewed all spelling principles to date and learned how to expand simple sentences. In Writer’s Workshop, we discussed how to create stronger leads, using such strategies as dialogue, description, suspense, and onomatopoeia. We also wrote weather-related poems using sensory details.

Math: We expanded our exploration of measurement to include liquid capacity, and solved measurement story problems involving multiple operations. In addition, we took our Mid-Module 2 assessment.

Science/SS: We designed, built, and tested our very own weather vanes, reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. (Fun fact: there is evidence that ancient Egyptians and Romans had wind vanes on their homes.)

Other: During Technology, we learned a little bit about what life was like for the Wampanoags and Pilgrims in the 1600s. We can’t wait to find out more on our field trip to Plimoth Plantation next Thursday, October 31st.

Best wishes to all for a fabulous weekend!

Most sincerely,

Ms. Feeney

Fall Follies!

October 18, 2019

Greetings from Room 116!

Here are some highlights from the past two short but sweet weeks:

ELA: We finished our mysteries, wrote weather poems, and introduced new realistic fiction books. In addition, we studied the oi/ou and ew/oo spelling principles, while also working on ways to enhance our writing by using conjunctions and complex sentences.

Math: We learned how to measure elapsed time to the nearest minute and explored the metric system of weight via a variety of hands-on experiences.

Science/SS: We learned that air actually has weight creating air pressure. We also examined how air pressure, temperature, wind, and water affect worldwide weather patterns, resulting in a variety of climate conditions on our planet.

Other: During technology, we created jack-o-lanterns online and wrote paragraphs about their unique character traits.

Best wishes to all for a more peaceful, windless weekend! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at conferences next week.

Most sincerely,

Ms. Feeney

Happy October!

October 4, 2019


Greetings from Room 116!

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for fall conferences. If you have not yet done so, I am attaching another form with remaining available time slots. Please indicate at least three possible options, and I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

Here are some highlights from our very busy week:

ELA: We read mystery chapter books and practiced summarizing and making predictions. We also reviewed short u spelling patterns and punctuation rules. In addition, we worked on good story beginnings, persuasive writing, and reading responses.

Math: We solved multi-step multiplication/division word problems and took our End-of-Module 1 Assessment.

Science: We continued our exploration of weather patterns as meteorologists.

Other: We discussed the importance of internet safety during Technology.

Please note that students should be reading to their “adopted pets” for 30 minutes nightly. They should also practice multiplication facts in addition to their regular math homework. Thank you for your support in this regard.

Best wishes to all for a beautiful weekend!!


Ms. Feeney