Cinema Corner

Welcome to Room  116’s Cinema Corner. This is where you will find images, videos, and power points of our great work!

Watch our Room 116 News Team in action:


Science labs ❤️

Wind vanes



More wind vanes


Air pressure




Hope you enjoy our Flip Grid Book Talks:



Wally was here!!



On 11/16/17 WNBC’s Weather Warrior Team paid a visit to our school. View the segment at:

NBC Weather Warrior



Making the most of indoor recess!



We learned a lot about food chains by examining the contents of our owl pellets. (Don’t worry – they were sterilized!!)


A happy crew showing off their STEM Christmas trees!!

Displaying IMG_2139.JPG


MA class powerpoint 2009 – blog version

Jeopardy_Template – Space

MCAS jeopardy


Photos from Our Field Trip to Plimoth Plantation

A Pilgrim Bed

The Pilgrim Village

Inside the Pilgrim Home

Outside the Pilgrim Home


Inside the Pilgrim Meeting House

Inside the Wetu

Inside the Long Wetu

A Wampanoag Woman Making Stew

A Wampanoag Woman Making Stew

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